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The Affiliate Marketers Network is intended to be an open forum where you may market your products and programs for free without fear of being banned — unless you are plain rude or offensive. Read everything on the Legal page before you post anything on this website.

If you would like to advertise on the Network, visit AbsolutelyFreeAdvertising.Space and TheBestAdvertising.Site.

Posts on the Home Page and in the Marketplace appear in order from the most recent to the oldest. Posts that are 6 months or older are purged on a regular basis to prevent the website from getting overloaded, so check back every 6 months to create a new post. You may want to create a new post more frequently just to get back near the top again.

Posting on the Home Page

You can create your own post by clicking on the red Add Post button in the upper right corner after you log in. Give the administrator 24 hours to approve your post. Once approved, you can then share your post on Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

Posting in the Marketplace

As you probably noticed, the Marketplace is a different WordPress theme and so the posts are handled differently. You submit your posts using the form below.

Take a look at the posts in the Marketplace and you will notice two types of posts. The first type has an image and no text underneath it. When you click on the image, you are taken to a new website. The second type does have text underneath the image. When you click on the image or on the word “more,” you are taken to the post, where more text gives more details about the product or program. How much information you put into the form below depends on which type of post you want. The only required information is the title, the URL of the website, and an image. If you send us only that information, we will create the first type of post for you. If you also include text in the content box (this would be your sales copy), we will create the second type of post for you. Be sure to include your link somewhere in your copy. After your text, put any stylistic notes in braces [ ] in the content box. (For example, [Please put the words BUY NOW in bold] or [Please make the words Click Here the link to our URL].) We will do what we can, just don’t request anything fancy.

Your name and your email are not required, but we would like to have them in case we have a question about your post. We will not give your name or email to anyone else and believe it or not, even though we are affiliate marketers ourselves, we will not put your email in an autoresponder and pester you with offers.

GIve us 24 hours to edit and approve your post. If you do not see it in 24 hours, use our contact form.

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