(U.S. Only)

Are you paying full price for your prescription? Do you know someone who is? With the FREE InCareRx card, you or someone you know could save up to 85% on prescription prices. To get the card, Click Here

You can become an independent agent for InCareRx and make a commission every time someone uses a card.

You can also make a commission of up to $1000 PER MONTH on just ONE prescription through their mail order pharmacy program. DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee what income you will make. How much you will make depends on your efforts and your success.

Do you know someone with:

  • diabetes
  • migraine headaches
  • shingles
  • psoriasis or dermatitis?

Then the mail order pharmacy program is for you.

There is no cost to become an agent and you can earn overrides down to two levels. To become an agent, visit, click on “Become an Agent,” and fill out the form. For “Who Referred You?”, enter NCR7881.

Once you receive your welcome email, reply and ask to be entered on the mail order pharmacy list if you know someone with any of the above conditions. Be sure to sit in on a couple of the phone training sessions before handing out the cards or the mail order prescription pads.

Thank you for joining InCareRX. Not only can this be a rewarding career financially, it can also be rewarding knowing that we are helping people save money on the prescriptions they need.