Welcome to Free Funnel.

In this business opportunity, potential customers are brought to the website,, where they are offered a free software that lets them build sales funnels for free, instead of paying companies like Clickfunnels.

If they decide to get the software, they are then offered a special report, How to Grow Your Business With Sales Funnels, which they can purchase for $7. They are also offered a free bonus report, List Building 101, which teaches them how to write effective emails.

Should you decide to participate in this business opportunity, you must have a Paypal account. Find out if Paypal works in your country by clicking here. To get a Paypal account go to If you live outside the U.S., when you go to, scroll to the bottom. On the right you will see the American flag. Click on it and you will see a list of countries. Click on yours and then sign up. You must then go to the website,, and sign up for the free software. You do NOT need to buy the special report.

You then promote the website using this link:[yourpaypalemail], where you replace [yourpaypalemail] with your actual Paypal email. Since this is a rather long link, you can go to, enter your freefunnel link, and tinyurl will give you a smaller link to use. Or you can request that tinyurl give you a custom link, such as Either way, if someone clicks on the link, it will take them to your freefunnel link.

When customers click on this link and buy the report for $7, you get 100% commission. That’s right. You get the full $7 paid directly to your Paypal account.

When you promote this, do not promote the report. Instead, promote the free sales funnel. The idea is to lure them to the website by offering them something that is free. Once they sign up to get the free sales funnel, the website will then offer them the report. Let the website sell the report. Your job is to just get the potential customer to the website.

If you have questions, email me at