If you live in the Philippines, you can pay and get paid by Bitcoin, direct deposit, or check.
If you live outside of the Philippines, you pay and get paid only by Bitcoin.

You can get a free Bitcoin wallet from Coinbase HERE,
but only if you live in THESE COUNTRIES.
If you let your earnings build to $100 US and then deposit them into your Coinbase wallet,
Coinbase will add $10 US to your wallet.
If you refer someone to Coinbase and he or she deposits $100 US,
Coinbase will add another $10 US to your wallet.
To get your Coinbase referral link, log in to your Coinbase account, click on the down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner, then click on Invite Friends.
If you do not live in a Coinbase country, you can get a free Bitcoin wallet at Blockchain.

After you set up and fund your Bitcoin wallet, sign up for the 1 Up Marketing System HERE,
then send in your payment. The day after, return to the 1 Up Marketing System website and use the Chat screen to verify that they received your payment. Once they verify it, you can begin referring people.

If you EMAIL ME your Coinbase referral link and/or your 1 Up Marketing System referral link,
I will help you promote them by adding them to my rotators.